The Morty's Story

Serving Waterloo's Best Wings Since 1981

Morty Taylor established Morty’s Pub on the corner of King Street and University Avenue in 1981. Back then the pub sat 76 people and quickly became a comfortable local hangout.

On July 27th 2000, we moved to our current location. Movers weren’t in the budget, so the day before the big move, our family, friends, staff and loyal customers grabbed tables and chairs and walked the 300 or so steps up the street to where we are currently located (272 King Street North)

Since the beginning, we have hosted millions of guests, prepared tens of millions of chicken wings and have been a place where the Kitchener-Waterloo community feels at home.

We are proud of the many unique homemade items on our menu like the daily soup, panzerottis, pizzas, 10oz burgers, lasagna and of course chicken wings. We consistently strive to deliver a memorable and fun experience with great food and service. Three decades later we are still an independent family-owned business.

Morty’s is like a home for many of us, and we hope that you feel at home when you’re in our home.

Thank-you for your patronage and allowing us to be your hosts. We hope that you will join us again where friends and neighbours gather.

Thank You for all the past and future memories.

Jay Taylor and Steve Campbell